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Donuts for Deeds Fundraiser

We are now selling Krispy Kreme cards.  They will be $12 each and the card can be used 10 times to buy a dozen donuts get a dozen glazed free.  If anyone is interested please shoot us an email or leave a comment and we will contact you.  We are willing to mail them if you are out-of-state and interested in donuts and helping Deeds out.  I took him in once when he was younger to watch the donuts being made and he was hooked.  He loves the “circles” and we are thrilled to be able to do this fundraiser for him.

The older Gwen gets the more we see the difference between her and Deeds.  One of the things we had to work really hard to teach JD was how to point.  It may seem weird, but he not only wouldn’t point himself but he couldn’t follow the direction of you pointing.  The main reason we started to use the iPod touch with him was to teach him how to point.  He is doing much better but still doesn’t often point himself and if you point you have to give details verbally to have him follow.  Say you want him to get a toy and you point to it on the floor you then need to say “Deeds, grab that ball.  It’s under the chair next to the book.”

Recently Gwen has started to point constantly.  Jeremy and I are realizing how easy it is to get things for her because she points right to it.  Earlier at dinner she pointed to the cupboard and then once we opened it kept pointing till we pulled out a can of peaches.  It was awesome.  I can’t describe what a big deal this was to us, because it is still something Deeds wouldn’t do.  It has been quite the learning experience to have Deeds with Autism be our oldest child and then have Gwen be neuro-typical and only 22 months younger.   It makes me realize how different Deeds was from birth but we didn’t know any better because he was our first child.  I believe Gwen is very good for him.  The older she gets the better he tends to get.  She is great at demanding his attention and making him interact in our world instead of withdrawing into his own.   While this doesnt’ always end well for us as parents because they will sit and scream at each other, what siblings don’t do that.  Both of our miracle babies are supposed to be in our family, I truly believe that.  Together we are all stronger.

Funny Faces with Mommy

The burns are healing well.  There are still spots that are healing so he still can’t go to school yet.  The cleanings are getting much easier and we are trying hard to keep his new skin protected from the sun so that he doesn’t get a lot of permanent discoloration.  This summer will be key and once his scalp heals we want to get him used to wearing a hat a lot to help protect him.

Before bed tonight

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I am a PPCM survivor, full-time nursing student, special needs mom, massage therapist, and totally awesome wife. Welcome to our crazy-wonderful version of normal.

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  1. In college I worked in a preschool that worked exactly on that principle (sp?) “reverse mainstreaming” where we added Neuro typical kids to our classrooms – worked really great! the whole goal of the preschool was to get kids with special needs ready to mainstream in public school for kindergarten — it was a realllllllly great place and I think my exp there is why I’m sooooo excited for Deeds to start school! he’s gonna do GREAT !! I just know it ;) xoxo

  2. Wow, he looks GREAT! I’m so glad to hear he’s doing better. And I love the Gwen updates too! They really are miracles, both of them. What a blessing that she helps him so much. What a special relationship they have.

  3. I was truly touched reading the story of Deeds. Will make sure that i will pray for your family regularly. Best wishes.

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