Deeds has a Fairy Godmother

Deeds has a Fairy Godmother who sent a lot of pixie dust his way today.  I’m in tears (yet again) writing this, this time they are tears of unabashed joy. Let me try to tell you a story:

Late last night I got an email from someone I didn’t know.  She explained that she and her son wanted to make the Disneyland vacation happen.  Jeremy and I looked at it shocked and a bit embarrassed.  I was in raw pain mode when I wrote the post yesterday and didn’t really expect it to go noticed much, never dreamed of it causing something like this to happen.

Deeds Fairy Godmother mentioned that since her husband passed away over a year ago she and her son go on trips together and they were going to forgo the next one and help us go to Disneyland.  I wrote back instantly telling her thank you so much for the thought but we would not take away from her and her son being able to spend time together on vacation.  I even thought about pulling down the blog post.  A couple emails back and forth I finally said I would give her a call after my test.

After I finished testing this afternoon I called her and the first thing she said was, “Please tell me you are going to let us do this for you!”

She must be a mind reader because before I called I was fully prepared, and had rehearsed a speech over and over about why we couldn’t possibly let them do this.  How embarrassed I was but how wonderful I thought the gesture she made was.

Instead she caught me off guard.

I should have had Jeremy call, he doesn’t start sobbing like I do.  I always get far too emotional about things.  I started to doubt my prepared speech.  I could tell in her voice she truly wanted to do this, and it made me feel like if I said no it would truly ruin her day or worse.  I was hoping she would think about it overnight and I could easily turn her down.

While I had a million thought rushing through my head I just sat quietly, crying while she shared a story about why this was so important to them.

The last vacation they took as a family before her husband got too sick was to Disneyland.  I sobbed while sitting in the parking lot in my car listening to her share her memories, and talk about the magic of that trip.  She said they really wanted to let Deeds feel the magic.  Through my tears I thanked her and before I knew what was happening my lips betrayed my brain and I told her yes.  The rest of the call went by in a blur, she sounded so happy… I felt so conflicted.  She then told me she had one condition…

To pay it forward one day.

I promised to do just that as happy tears rolled down my cheeks.  It replaced the embarrassment and pride I was feeling with excitement.  I can be a Fairy Godmother one day… That is a day I look forward to.

We didn’t know Deeds Fairy Godmother at all, but now she and her son will be in our hearts forever.  If there was any doubt about if I would get emotional the first day we take the kids into the parks it is gone.  I will send prayers and tears of thanks to her, her son, and the memory of her husband, Deeds guardian angel.

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I am a PPCM survivor, full-time nursing student, special needs mom, massage therapist, and totally awesome wife. Welcome to our crazy-wonderful version of normal.

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  1. Miracles manifest in ordinary people who live life open to recognizing the divine potential of others. :-)

  2. All I can say is bibbty bobbity boo! Congratulations…and to that wonderful Fairy Godmother…may God bless you and your family even more! If she is reading this I am a widow who lost her husband at an early age and one thing I can say is she must of had an angel on her shoulder when he passed on…thank-you for restoring my faith in Fairy Godmothers!

  3. I love to help others! Although I’ve never gifted anyone a trip.

    Yet it’s very VERY hard for me to ask for/accept help.

    Thank you for sharing Deed’s fairy godmother with all of us. It’s a powerful reminder that allowing others to help blesses EVERYONE!

  4. What an absolutely beautiful story! I am in tears! And SO happy for you!!!! Thank you, thank you to your Fairy Godmother from the Lee Family!!!

  5. Oh this makes me SO happy! I know how much this meant to you. I am so thankful that you get to go to your “homeland” and share the magic with two of the most wonderful kiddos and one incredible dog. Well, and J :)

  6. What great people there are out in this world!

  7. So Happy for you DREAMS do Come True and please take lots of pictures and videos

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