5 minutes of fun!

I have a little desk in the corner of our room where I do my homework.  The old MacBook pro that bit the dust during a meltdown last year is propped up on it, perpetually open with a lovely crack going down the middle of the screen.  Honestly it works perfectly and I have gotten to like my little corner of the bedroom.  It helps me to waste time on pinterest and Facebook  focus for my online classes and still be home with the kids and not at the library.  I have a final this week that I forgot about till last-minute (eek) so I’ve been slaving away for the past couple days.

Just a couple of minutes ago Deeds came bounding into my room with Magpie.  At first they just jumped on the bed.  Then Deeds got this sudden burst of energy and was dancing around like crazy.  The entire time Magpie kept looking at him, then me with this “I don’t know that kid” look on her face.  They shook hands for a minute then in a flash he was gone again, leaving Magpie laying on my bed alone.  She snorted and then looked at me one last time and the expression on her doggie face cracked me up.  I think she was miffed that he didn’t take her with him when he sprinted back out of the room.  The entire exchange didn’t last more than 5 minutes.

Moments like this are why I love my little desk in the corner of the room.

Deeds and Magpie Kisses

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About Bobbie

I am a PPCM survivor, full-time nursing student, special needs mom, massage therapist, and totally awesome wife. Welcome to our crazy-wonderful version of normal.

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  1. Jennifer Reid

    Samba makes the same face – usually it is accompanied by a loud sigh. That is when she reminds me that she is my teenaged girl lol

  2. Awwww, how gorgeous!! I posted a blog post back in 2011, hoping to help Deeds get his dog. I’m so glad he did… Magpie looks like a wonderful addition to the family. I’m glad I popped back in to see how you guys are doing. Here’s hoping for happy days!

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