Rodeo? Rode-no.

We’ve attempted the local rodeo in the past with Deeds and it hasn’t ever gone well.  We thought maybe this year we’d take Magpie and try once again.  I love the rodeo that is put on for the annual Strawberry Days Festival and really wanted to be able to enjoy it again.  We told Deeds there would be fireworks after and he said he would go.

He lasted until the cow wrangling and he was DONE.  I knew when he was bouncing and rocking when they started with the Bronco’s at the very beginning that we’d be lucky to make it till the end.  He turned to Jeremy and I at one point and said he wants to do the rodeo backwards.  When we asked what that meant he explained (like we were idiots) that it meant the fireworks first, and then the rodeo.  He tried really hard but I started to see the little signs that we get prior to a big meltdown so we made a break for it.  Too many people, too much cheering, just too much for Deeds.  We’re contemplating trying again next year in the handicap seating with headphones with him but I’m guessing it’s not going to happen. I’m thinking maybe on rodeo nights Daddy (who isn’t a big fan, even if he is from Texas) and Deeds stay home while the ladies go with the rest of the family to the rodeo.

Once we got out of the crowd  we decided to do some sparklers at home since he was really disappointed about missing the fireworks.  Honestly with school in the morning, the fireworks might have been too late for him anyway.  I guess at least we didn’t have to fight traffic on the way out.  :-P

The two things I learned tonight with Magpie at the rodeo are:

  1. Those stadium seats are not service dog friendly.  She slid from one row to another at one point and I was glad we were sitting pretty close to the front so we could get out easier.  We should have sat in the Handicap seating with her but it was limited and I didn’t want to take up space that might be needed for a wheelchair.
  2. She is not a fan of the Mutton Bustin.  In reality it may be the sheep she wasn’t a fan of.  We walked right past all the horses and cows and there wasn’t  a problem at all.  When those little ones came out riding the sheep she was not a happy camper.  Live and learn.  Maybe she was worried about the kids, I’m not sure.

We did the sparklers and then within minutes of going to bed both kids were out.  I’m glad that through the roller coaster of Autism with Deeds we’ve learned a few warning signs to watch for issues.  Its kind of nice to know that we probably avoided very big and very public issues by just leaving, even if mommy did miss the bull riding.  I got my strawberries and that is what really matters!

Strawberrry Days

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I am a PPCM survivor, full-time nursing student, special needs mom, massage therapist, and totally awesome wife. Welcome to our crazy-wonderful version of normal.

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  1. Bobbi, you come to Houston at rodeo time and we will have a ladies day out. Maybe get Elaine and Tracey to come too!

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